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  • Eugene Running Company Marathon Training Group
  • The first Friday of every month at Noon and the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm Jeff Giulietti and Justin Banks of Eugene Physical Therapy provide free consultation for running injuries.
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  • "About two years ago, I bought my first pair of running shoes at the Eugene Running Store and was elated by the staff’s enthusiasm and wanted to learn about their beginning runner's groups. As running coaches and mentors, I can't thank Liisa and Anna enough for their unbridled positive energy, great coaching skills, support, and dedication in inspiring a beginning runner like myself. Another wonderful element that inspires me is the camaraderie of the running group that grows over time. So far I have run two Eugene Marathon 5k's and two Truffle Trots and will be training to finally run my first Butte to Butte. A humble beginning but a journey I am thankful I started."--David Helfand
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    Run Gum

    Run Gum

    Run Gum  

    At Run Gum™, our mission is to inspire people to live active and passionate lives. Developed by 2x Olympian and biochemist, Nick Symmonds, Run Gum™ was created because what you put in your body should perform as well as you do. Our zero calorie, sugar free gum gives you the boost you need 5x faster. Designed with the elite athlete in mind, but created for anyone on the run, Run Gum™ is the smarter caffeine kick.

    Run Gum’s proprietary formula of stimulants that includes caffeine, taurine and b vitamins comes in two delicious flavors (Mint & Fruit) in a compressed functional chewing gum, specifically designed for athletes on the run.


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