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  • The first Friday of every month at Noon and the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm Jeff Giulietti and Justin Banks of Eugene Physical Therapy provide free consultation for running injuries.
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  • "I needed a combination walking/running shoe and the folks at Eugene Running Company took all the time necessary to find me the right shoe. Video was very helpful. Thanks!

    --Julie Schulte
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    Love To Run Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

    Love To Run Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

    Love To Run Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace  

    Prefontaine Productions/ created by Pre's sister Linda Prefontaine: Now available- 541 344-6399
    Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace ( Inscribed, Front: "Love To Run", Back: "Inspired By Pre")-with adjustable black cord necklace.

    Don't miss the opportunity to own an authentic sterling silver Unisex Pendant created by Linda Prefontaine, "Pre's" sister.

    Pre inspired a generation of runners. Who would know better than his sister Linda Prefontaine.

    Linda, founder of Prefontaine Productions LLC is resident of Eugene Oregon. Eugene is the place where her brother made history. Linda created this beautiful sterling silver pendant with a black adjustable cord necklace that will be treasured by those who wear it. Inscribed on the front are the words "Love To Run". On the back are the words "Inspired By Pre".

    Call for pricing or to order (541) 344-6399.
    " I created this necklace as a symbol of expression for those people who have a passion for and understand what it is like to LOVE TO RUN.
    Anyone who has experienced the joy and exhilaration of completing their very first mile, their first 10K or their first marathon can appreciate the effort, the dedication and the persistence it takes to achieve their goal.
    I also created this piece as a symbol for those runners and non-runners who admired my brother Steve for his dedication and contribution to the sport he loved so much." Linda Prefontaine

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