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  • Eugene Running Company Marathon Training Group
  • The first Friday of every month at Noon and the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm Jeff Giulietti and Justin Banks of Eugene Physical Therapy provide free consultation for running injuries.
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  • "“So I can eat gravy” was my stock response two and a half years ago when first asked what motivated me to start running. I’d done the rounds with diets and didn’t believe I would ever find one that I would stick to for more then a few days at a time. I decided that exercise was the answer and I thought that if I ran I wouldn’t have to worry so much about what I ate. I do love to eat. Months passed and the running became easier, I even trained for and finished my first marathon, but still my weight never did change substantially and to add salt to that wound I found that my pace had slowed as well. But, the marathon was an experience that changed the way I had been looking at running. Within minutes of dragging my ass across that finish-line I was already thinking about what I could have, and should have, done differently and better. I decided immediately that I would be running another marathon but that I would do the next one right. This meant that I would have to take the steps to lose the extra weight and if it included giving up gravy then so be it. I’m twenty pounds lighter now and getting close to my self-imposed “maximum weight to start marathon training” goal and I’m feeling optimistic that this will be the year of my second marathon. I don’t often get asked why I run any more but when asked what has motivated me to loose weight, the answer is “So I can run.” Running works".


    --Susan Simons
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    Why we're uniqueWhy we're unique


    Our Purpose
    Our Purpose
     The Eugene Running Company is dedicated to energizing the running and walking community and building upon the proud history of Eugene as Track Town USA. We seek to help all levels of runners and walkers enjoy their pursuits and introduce new runners to the enjoyment the sport offers.

     We understand technical footwear, apparel, and equipment — and are eager to share that expertise. Eugene Running Company offers treadmill analysis  free of charge to find you the shoe that fits your specific foot strike.
      Our inventory represents the best technical products available; we strive to match the best fit and function to each of our customer’s needs. Above all, our service is enthusiastic, friendly, and respectful to runners and walkers of all levels of experience.
     The Eugene Running Company is proud to display great historic "Tracktown" memorabilia. The store has tons of information about what's happening in in our community and region.The store also has a small library of books and articles about running for loan.
     Our top priority is our relationships with our customers. We love to share our expertise and love to know what and how your training is going.


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