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Races & Events

  • Eugene Running Company Marathon Training Group
  • Keep up to date on all our in store events by following us on Facebook
  • Walking Groups at the Eugene Running Company
  • The first Friday of every month at Noon and the third Tuesday of every month Jeff Giulietti and Seth Wilkie of Eugene Physical Therapy provide free consultation for running injuries.
  • Help raise money for the American Cancer Society.
  • Run Momma Run product is available at the Eugene Running Company.
  • Check Out RunnerSpace Website for Videos, chat and other relevant Information (Local, Trials, etc..). Track, Roads, Cross, interviews and Eugene..
  • View "Twilight Mile: The Story of Bill McChesney Jr."
  • We use the Long Run Picture Company for photographing our marathon groups.
  • See the Baby Boot Camp page on Runnerspace.
  • Page for page- Historical Eugene Olympic Trial Media Guides
  • For travel assistance to Eugene for the Prefontaine Track Cassic, NCAA National Track and Field Championships and other Tracktown events

  • "I came into ERC on Sunday afternoon looking for a new pair of running shoes. The staff was extremely helpful finding the perfect shoe for me. They performed a gait analysis and determined that I need a shoe with more support. They brought out several options for me to try, and I left with a great pair of shoes. Thank you ERC!! I am very satisfied. Thanks, Bryan Luoma"--Bryan Luoma
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    Race CalendarRace Calendar

    Links to a listing of races in the community and region.


    Race Calendar
    Race Calendar
    The Good Race

    Eclectic Edge Racing

    Racecenter Northwest

    Kezi-9 All-Comer's Meets


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