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  • Eugene Running Company Marathon Training Group
  • The first Friday of every month at Noon and the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm Jeff Giulietti and Justin Banks of Eugene Physical Therapy provide free consultation for running injuries.
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  • "“So I can eat gravy” was my stock response two and a half years ago when first asked what motivated me to start running. I’d done the rounds with diets and didn’t believe I would ever find one that I would stick to for more then a few days at a time. I decided that exercise was the answer and I thought that if I ran I wouldn’t have to worry so much about what I ate. I do love to eat. Months passed and the running became easier, I even trained for and finished my first marathon, but still my weight never did change substantially and to add salt to that wound I found that my pace had slowed as well. But, the marathon was an experience that changed the way I had been looking at running. Within minutes of dragging my ass across that finish-line I was already thinking about what I could have, and should have, done differently and better. I decided immediately that I would be running another marathon but that I would do the next one right. This meant that I would have to take the steps to lose the extra weight and if it included giving up gravy then so be it. I’m twenty pounds lighter now and getting close to my self-imposed “maximum weight to start marathon training” goal and I’m feeling optimistic that this will be the year of my second marathon. I don’t often get asked why I run any more but when asked what has motivated me to loose weight, the answer is “So I can run.” Running works".


    --Susan Simons
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    Walking GroupsWalking Groups

    The Eugene Running Company supports walking in our community. We offer performance walking products and an expanding program of walking groups for experienced walkers and for those interested in becoming walkers. We recognize the invaluable fitness and recreational benefits of regular walking and provide resources to support and serve the walking community.
    Keith McConnell, PhD is our walking coach at the Eugene Running Company. Keith is a Sport Psychologist and a certified ChiWalking and ChiRunning Instructor. He is an experienced recreational walker and runner having completed over 15 marathons and numerous other walking and running events. In addition to teaching and coaching privately, he is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Oregon where he teaches Fitness Walking and a number of Running courses.


    Chi Walking and Running Training Program for the 2017 Eugene Women’s Half
    Chi Walking and Running Training Program for the 2017 Eugene Women’s Half
    Training Group for the Eugene Half Marathon and Marathon, May 7th, 2017
    Chi Running or Chi Walking Emphasis.
    Coach: Keith McConnell, PhD, Cert. Chi Running & Chi Walking Master Instructor.
    Free introductory meetings at Eugene Running Company:
    Sunday , February 26th @ 9:15am or Tuesday, February 28th @ 6pm
    Training Group Meetings:
    Sunday Mornings: March 5th- April 30th @ 9am
    Tuesday evenings: March 7th- May 2nd @ 5:30pm
    Location:  First meeting begins at Eugene Running Company, Gateway Center; subsequent meetings, training and workouts at nearby local park and River Trails. Fee: $110
     Prepare to run, walk, or walk-run, The Eugene Women’s Half Marathon. As well as building up your fitness level to complete this challenging event, you will learn the Chi Running and/or Chi Walking approaches, energy efficient, effortless and injury free approaches to running and walking. Add in group support, a weekly training program, individual feedback and coaching input and you will have a motivating and comprehensive recipe for success. Open to women (and men) and designed for a range of prior experience from beginner to advanced runners and walkers.
    For more information or to register for the group, contact Keith: For information about Chi Running and Chi Walking, Keith’s background and testimonials:


    ChiRunning and ChiWalking Groups
    ChiRunning and ChiWalking Groups
    Keith regularly offers Chi Walking groups at the Eugene running company to assist participants to become walkers or to make their walking more efficient, more effortless, more enjoyable and more injury-free. Classes are described and listed on his web page: Keith also offers Chi Walking as an option in his Marathon Training Group through the Eugene Running Company.


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