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Our Running and Walking Groups, plus Marathon and Half Marathon Training Groups.

The Eugene Running Company wants to inspire and invigorate your passion for running. What better way to do so than to run with other runners? Runners of all levels — beginners to veterans — are invited to join our free weekly group run from the store. Bring a friend or make new ones!

Monday Night Community Run - Mondays 6:00 pm

The Monday Night Group is for runners of all paces running three, five, or seven miles. The group meets at the store at 6:00 pm every Monday and runs to Alton Baker Park/Pre's Trail during the summer months and Willamette River Bike Path/Valley River during the winter months. We accommodate all paces to ensure that no one has to run alone.

2022: Marathon Training Groups

Congratulations to everyone in the 2022 Marathon Team Training.

Watch this space for details of the 2023 training group.

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