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Frequently Asked Questions

 At Eugene Running Company we often get asked many and varied questions about running and shoes. Below is a selection of these frequently asked questions by customers in the store

Do I need my gait analyzed?

If you are new to running or have not had your gait analyzed for some time, we recommend getting your gait analyzed. We can quickly analyze this in store. It is free, takes only 2-3 minutes and no appointment is needed. Just ask a staff member for a gait analysis.

How do I know if I over-pronate?

In some cases, we can diagnose this by watching you walk bare foot in the store. However, we recommend that you come in to the store where we can video analyze your gait and talk you through selecting the most appropriate shoe for your needs. This is a free service we offer and takes no more than 2-3 minutes. No appointment is necessary. We simply ask you to run on the store treadmill.

What shoes would you recommend for someone suffering with plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition typically characterized by intense sharp heel pain. We suggest that you consult a local podiatrist and follow their recommendations. At Eugene Running Company we have often found that wearing a well cushioned shoe with a stiff sole helps many customers. A variety of these shoes are available in store. In addition, we suggest wearing a Strassburg sock at night while you are asleep. These socks stretch the plantar fascia and the calf muscle. The Strassburg sock is available in store. 

How long should new shoes last?

At Eugene Running Company we offer a wide selection quality running shoes. Many factors can influence the life of a shoe depending on use. We generally suggest that these shoes should last between 400-600 miles or about 6-9 months.

How do I know if I need to replace my shoes?

A quick and easy guide is to look at the wear on the sole. However, this may not give the full picture. Often shoe wear is in the foam making up the mid-sole. This is the important factor determining whether a shoe needs to be replaced. Wear of the mid-sole is not so easy to see as wear on the sole, but a badly worn mid-sole can lead to unnecessary pain or injury.

How can I prevent blisters?

Some runners and walkers suffer from foot blisters caused by the sock rubbing against your skin. In some cases, blisters may be due to badly worn or incorrectly fitting shoes. For example, a shoe that fits poorly around the heel may lead to heel blisters. In other cases, the wearing of cotton socks may cause blisters. Perspiration on the cotton socks causes friction against the skin resulting in blisters. We suggest wearing synthetic socks that wick the sweat away from the foot. We stock a range of these socks from Balega, Smartwool and Swiftwick. Another suggestion is to reduce the friction between the sock and skin. This can be done by applying BodyGlide, a non-greasy anti chafe balm, that is also available in store.


How do I choose the right sock for me?

Many runners have a favorite brand of sock. This in some cases has been found by trying many different brands. We recommend wearing socks made from synthetic material as these are generally better at preventing blisters.   

I often get bruised toe nails when I run. Can this be prevented?

Bruised toe nails is a common complaint seen in runners. In many cases the bruising is caused by poorly fitting shoes. As we run, our feet get hot and tend to swell. This swelling can cause our toe nails to rub against the end of our shoes leading to the blackened toe nails. While in the store our staff will help you select the correct size of shoe for your feet.

I am a walker, not a runner, do you have shoes for me?

Yes, many of our shoes are excellent walking shoes. Stop by the store and we will be pleased to help you find a great walking shoe.


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